A story of stress awareness, need satisfaction and emotional dysfunction. Ready to awaken your levels of connection?

Neuroscientific Management of my Feeling Machine

First of all, let's go back to the common sense of things: our biological structure and the functional organisation of the satisfaction of our 350 human needs.

  • 5 universal senses to perceive Things.
  • 7 normal emotions for deciding Things.
  • 3 natural stresses for reacting to Things.
  • 2 human motivations for memorising Things.
  • 1 electrical energy to "power" Things.
  • Our operating diagram normal to better manage Things between natural tension, healthy pleasure and toxic pain.
  • A "key pattern" for Stress Disorder (the dysfunctions linked to the freezing of stress tensions in pain, dissociation, false interpretations, compulsion and denial).

Managing our needs, resources, relationships and emotions.

With the Happiness Experience Matrix and the 7-Step ProgrammeWe learn to better manage our needs, our emotions, our relationships and our resources thanks to the keys to connecting our sensorimotor energy and decoding the organisational levels of our universal biological structure.

A new model with a different pattern

Recharge the batteries together?
I act, I choose!

With ISA, I choose my emotional and social education formula to discover the neuroscientific management of needs and the "Happy Empowerment" of people. Either I work freely on the 5 keys of the Happy Power and Stress Disorder matrix. Or I can boost my personal development work by following his 7-Step Programme. A unique experience to decode our Feeling Machine with its sensorimotor tension, its 5 senses, its 7 emotions and its 3 universal stresses. With a Visio appointment if required.


Years of Experience


Happy Power and Stress Disorder (PTSD; healthy and toxic patterns). Decoding our Universal Biological Structure (UBS), meeting internal needs and managing external resources. Emotional guidance and decision making. Managing the Give & Take in relationships (Dr Susan Forward). Realities and problem areas of sensorimotor stress (The Stress of Life, Dr Hans Selye). Impact of shocks, traumas, lacks, abuse and neglect. Digestion of emotional pain and the consequences of freezing stress tensions (Dr Henri Laborit, Francine Shapiro for EMDR).


What they think of us

This work on myself was a real turning point in my life. I discovered my emotions, my feelings. I have removed from me everything that was sabotaging my life and I have the energy to work in the real world. What a regret not to have addressed all this earlier! Thank you.



Thank you for your work. I have learned a lot thanks to you, thanks to your different methods which allow us to do a real work on ourselves, much more complete to be able to digest traumas and free ourselves from toxic patterns.



Our packages and our 7-step programme

2 formulas to choose from according to your wishes*.

* Reminder of the conditions of use

I make my own programme

My on-demand formula with almost unlimited menu

60+ Easy Videos in Emotional and Social Education

300+ charts with "Please, Draw me Happiness".

+ the Universal Map of the 7 Emotions with its 52 puzzle pieces to be worked on by level with the Happy Power To You Matrix

+ Key articles to download free of charge in PDF format

And also a free Dictionary of Evils

Free per month (thanks to our partners)

Happy Power

The 7-Step Program

My personal development booster formula

1 Practical programme 7 Steps to self-management

1 complete book "The 7-Step Programme" with self-assessments and corrections for each step (PDF, 175 pages)

Podcasts to guide you in audio

1 Visio appointment every Tuesday at 8.15pm to help you step by step

1 powerful addition to your individual therapy*.

19,95 €/month only
Our Socially Responsible Partners

Congratulations on your commitment to preventing psychosocial risks. Together, responsible prevention, lasting satisfaction!

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Simple, logical... The common sense of satisfaction

The Happiness Experience Matrix ©.

With the Happy Power To You Matrix, I gain the power to feel well, to think well, to act well and to remember well for the satisfaction of my needs and the management of my resources. 5 keys to grasp to better choose in your life.

The Universal 7 Emotions Map

A journey to the heart of our 5 senses, 7 emotions and 3 universal stresses to discover our universal biological functioning and improve our personal life experience.

The 7-Step Program

7 steps structured by experience for a real work on oneself at the level of Body, Heart and Mind. To be done to complete your personal therapy and boost your emotional intelligence.


Compulsion, denial ... The 5 bugs of unhappiness

Happy Power or Stress Disorder? Good movement in the direction of life or emotional, passive, abusive and moral freezing? Good perception of the 5 senses or dissociation from the body? Good interpretation of the 7 emotions or cognitive disorder with looped rumination? Good reaction of the 3 stresses or behavioural compulsion with loss of freedom to refrain? Good memory of life experiences or denial around pleasure, pain and the meaning of Things in our stories?


Dissociation False belief Toxic guilt Mental rumination


Compulsive Addictive Eating Disorder Loss of freedom to abstain


Denial of reality Emotional repression Traumatic amnesia Reactionary memory bug

Order "Happy Power to You

"Happy Power To You - In Praise of Confrontation in the Field of Happiness


hours of research into reliable quantitative data (WHO, UNICEF, etc.).


individual and group clinical follow-up


years of experience


years of ad hoc research and qualitative study